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A totalization agreement is a bilateral social security agreement between two countries. The purpose of these agreements is to eliminate dual social security coverage and ensure that workers only pay social security taxes to one country. This can be beneficial for employees who work in multiple countries or for employers who have employees working abroad.

The totalization agreement country list refers to the countries that have signed totalization agreements with the United States. As of 2021, the list includes the following countries:

– Australia

– Austria

– Belgium

– Canada

– Chile

– Czech Republic

– Denmark

– Finland

– France

– Germany

– Greece

– Hungary

– Ireland

– Italy

– Japan

– Luxembourg

– Netherlands

– Norway

– Poland

– Portugal

– Slovakia

– South Korea

– Spain

– Sweden

– Switzerland

– United Kingdom

For companies or individuals doing business or working in any of these countries, it is important to understand the totalization agreement and how it may impact social security taxes and benefits. This can help avoid overpaying or underpaying social security taxes and ensure that employees receive the appropriate benefits.

In conclusion, the totalization agreement country list is an important term for those in the business or HR fields to be aware of. By understanding the implications of totalization agreements, companies and individuals can ensure compliance with social security regulations and avoid unnecessary expenses.